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The SCG Report

19th Dec 2006 by
Sam Cleary

The first official meeting of the Supporters Consultation Group took place prior to the Bolton game in the Paul McGrath suite mirror online in the North Stand. I went along as representative for VBB and had a really informative, if very long afternoon.

After drinks and a rather tasty curry, delegates from various supporters clubs and websites sat around a table and were invited to put forward 3 questions they would wish to ask the board.

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VBB Officially Invited to SCG Meeting

15th Dec 2006 by

We are delighted to announce that a representative from VBB has been invited to the 1st Supporter Consultation meeting at Villa Park on Saturday 16th December 2006.

VBB was privileged to be officially invited to the initial Supporter Consultation Forum that was held at the North Stand banqueting Jordan ATC Suite on Wednesday 29 November. A big thank you to VBB member General Krulak, Lee Preece and Russell Jones for the invitations.

Forum moderator Adam (Ads) went along to represent us, and reported back with some really positive feedback regarding the future of the club, and most importantly a unique way in which to communicate with the fans.

After being given the agenda, the General gave an excellent introduction speech ending with ‘Let me tell you this, Randy is here to win the European Cup!’ Next he photography singapore spoke of creating a Supporters Consultation Group (SCG), to encourage supporter feedback, to keep supporters informed of future plans and for various questions. The SCG meetings will be arranged quarterly.

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Priced Out?

17th Nov 2006 by
Kym Smith (VBB News and Features Editor)

As supporters, we have been coming in for a bit of stick lately from a number of different directions.

Not only have we do my college paper been castigated by Steve Bruce and Tom Ross for daring to voice our opinions about the state of things at St Andrew’s, we’re now being moaned at by David Sullivan about the continuing low gates.

He is “disappointed